Vienna-based art community and an umbrella organisation for variety of artists. Events revolve around exhibitions and combination of music and visual.

Our Story

DISColor, with its name stemming from a combination of the terms "Disc" and "Color", is a Vienna-based art community and an umbrella organisation for a variety of artists including graphic designers, photographers, visual artists, musicians, decoration designers. DISColor is present across a variety of different art fields, including but not limited to collages, photographs, drawings, paintings, installations. Its primary events revolve around exhibitions, and combination of music and visual arts.

What We Do?

Becoming affiliated with an art community such as DISColor is both an inspiration and an opportunity for all up-and-coming artists, as it enables them to share their art with a wider audience, and receive input and feedback from different sources. What's more is that, all of DISColor's artists are surrounded by other like-minded individuals, who get to have a positive influence and impact on the work carried out by their counterparts.

Oguzhan Cula


Anastassiya Redko


Eren Duman


Elena Heuberger


Can Stafarian

Visual Artist